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Heart Failure Nurse Practitioner

Apply Now Department MRPG- Hospitalist Program Schedule Full-time Shift Days Hours 40hrs, Schedule TBD Job ID 17680

Heart Failure Nurse Practitioner

Statement of Purpose

The Nurse Practitioneris an advanced practiceregistered  nursewho has acquiredspecialized knowledge and skills throughcompletionof a  nursepractitioner  program.The practitioner  has the  credentialsto functionas an independentlicensed  provider.The practitionerhas responsibilityfor assessmentand managementof patientsincluding  diagnosticand therapeutic  interventions,and continuous implementation  and evaluation  of an appropriate  plan ofcare.The Nurse  Practitionerworksin collaborationwiththeHeartFailureChampion  physician and is responsible to theMRMCHeart  Failure Hospitalbased Program.The NP participatesand assistswithcoordination  and transitionof care othe patient  across  all phases of thehospitaland postdischarge heart failure setting.As an example, the Heart  Failure  Nwill
a) review a  dailylistof all HF admissions,
b) huddle withteams caringfor those  patientsand c) set up transition  plan for postdischargevisit.

A post-dischargemanagementclinic will be coordinated  and overseen by theNP who would  spend a half-dayin clinic (both  virtual and in-person)ata  frequency  of2-3 days a week.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

A.    PatientCare Organization

1.   Providesdirect care,counseling,and teachingto a selectpatientpopulation.

2.    Performsphysical examinationsand provides preventivehealthmeasuresappropriateto patient'sneeds.

3.    Orders,interprets,and evaluatesappropriatelaband diagnosticteststo assess patients'clinical problems and healthcareneeds.

4.Arrangesfor appropriateplan of care and follow-up based on outcomeof diagnostic,lab,and physicaassessmentfindings.

5.    Orderslaboratorytestsappropriatefor specific patientpopulation.

6Ordermedicationsanwritesprescriptionsaccording to organizationaland regulatorypolicy and procedures.

7.    Recordspertinentpatientcare findingsin the medical record.

8.Setsprioritiesfor appropriateand efficientmanagementof patientcare that reflect costeffectivemanagementof time, availablehuman resources,supplies and equipment.

9.Maintainsinterdisciplinaryapproach to planning and communicatingpatientcareinformationbdiscussingpatientdatawithappropriatephysicians and otherhealthcare professionals.

10.Incorporates theconceptsof healthmaintenance,prevention,and promotionintodaily practicethrough patienteducationand counseling.

11. Demonstrates awareness of community resources and assists staff, patients, and families to effectively utilize them.

B. Coordination

1.     Facilitates continuity of care and transition of care between inpatientand post acute care settings via multiple platforms includingbutnot limited to conference calls.

2.    Demonstratesappropriatecollaborativeand consultative relationships withotherproviders'withinthe institutionand community.

3.    Serveson nursing and Hospital Committees and assumes responsibility for disseminating and communicating information to staff.

4.Communicates with patients,referringprovidersand other involved parties as appropriate to relay results of evaluation and plan of care.

C.  PersonnelManagement

1.     Participatesin selectionprocess of new employees in group or team  practice as requested.

2. Provides input into evaluation of other staff as appropriate

D. Education

1.    Actsas preceptor for nursing students and staff as requested.

2.Actsas an educational resource for other trainees including medical students,residentsand fellows, as well as inpatientnursing and all members of the multidisciplinary transplantteam.

3.    Participatesin orientationofnew staff.

4.Participatesin Departmentaland organization continuing education programs.

5.    Identifiesown learning needs and updates clinical knowledge and skills through formal and informal education and review of current literature.

6.    Educates lay and/or professional groups through lectures,papers,publications and educational materials.

E.  Planning

1.     Developsannualobjectivesand reviews with Nurse Manager and/or Nursing Director and collaborating MD at time of performance review and at appropriate intervals.Completesannualcredentialingprocess throughtheNursing Department credentialing program

2.    Assistsin determining,evaluating,and/orimplementingclinicalarea goals and objectives.

3.Maintainsinterdisciplinary approach for planning and communicating information for patientcareand operation of practice.

4.Maintainscurrentknowledge of legislation that may affect the health care delivery system

F.  Research

1.     Participatesin nursing research at a  level consistent with educational background and experience.

2.    Maintains an understanding of current research of others in related clinical areasthroughreview of relevant publications.

3. Participates in grant writing as appropriate

G. Other

1. Support other areas of the heart failure program, including in liaisons withtheEP OR  PCIprogram, if and when necessary as requested by supervisor.

Supervisory Responsibilities

1. Assists withreview and care plan implementationfor patientreferrals.

2. Communicates with patients,referring providersand otherinvolved partiesas appropriate.

3.Participatesin patienteducationactivities,support groups, and group educationsessions as appropriate.

4.Actsas liaisonbetweenmembersof inpatient care team,including physicians,trainees,physician assistants,inpatientcarecoordinationteam,inpatientnurse coordinator and outpatientcoordinators.

5. Facilitatesaccess to and efficiencyofoutpatientcare by direct patient management in clinic settingin conjunctionwithattendingphysicians, documentationin outpatientmedical record, and integrationof inpatientand outpatientservices.

6. Participatesin monitoringpatientprogress by facilitatingtransfer of communication withinpatientcoordinator, patient/family,other team members,providersand agencies.

7. Helps coordinateoutpatientmedicaltherapy with consultingservices

8. Workswithdataanalyst to prepare reports/datafor utilizationof services review, QM activitiesand UNOS




1.    MastersDegreein Nursing required.Satisfactorycompletionof an approved formaleducationprogram which has as itsobjective the preparationofprofessionalnursesto practice as nurse practitioners.

2.    Adult,Familyor AcuteCareNP Certificationaccepted,withcardiologyexperience preferred

3.APN licenseto practice in Massachusettsrequired, or eligible for licensure.

4.DEA for prescriptionwriting.


1.    Prior experience (1-3 years)in the careof cardiac patientsin theacutecare/criticalcare areas required.

2.     Priorexperience (1-3 years)working in the ambulatory cardiac settingrequired.

3.     Knowledgeof communityresourcesand post/non-acutecare providerspreferred.

4.Familiarity with discharge and resource planning preferred.

5.    Activemembership in a related professionalorganizationisrecommended.

Other:ANA or other appropriatenursing certificationin areaof practiceand authorizationby the Massachusetts Boardof Registration in nursing to practice in the expanded role.

Schedule: TBD and to be discusses with finalists

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